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loulou picasso ,5 avril 2006

Criminal charges

Investigative judge Raid Juhi addresses reporters in the heavily fortified Green Zone Tuesday April 4, 2006 in Baghdad, Iraq. The Iraq tribunal Tuesday announced new criminal charges against Saddam Hussein and six others for alleged genocide and crimes against humanity in the 1980s crackdown against the Kurds, including the gassing of thousands of civilians in the village of Halabja.

Local residents walk past a building which was destroyed by a bomb blast in Baghdad April 4, 2006. The blast destroyed a residential building Tuesday morning in Baghdad, killing one woman and two children, police sources said.

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loulou picasso ,21 mars 2006


Anti-war protesters prepare to march towards the US Embassy in Manila Monday March 20, 2006 to coincide with worldwide protests dubbed 'Global Day of Action' on the third anniversary of the war in Iraq. In a statement, the protesters 'grieve for the growing list of dead soldiers and civilians, as the war against the so-called terrorism rages.'

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loulou picasso ,31 décembre 2005


Iraqi firemen turn a burning car after mortars attack in Baghdad, December 30, 2005.

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loulou picasso ,22 décembre 2005


In this image made from television Saddam Hussein puts his hand to his head at the resumption of his trial in Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2005, two weeks after he refused to attend the last session in a court he called 'unjust.' It was Saddam's first court appearance following last week's election, when Iraqis swarmed to the polls to vote for the country's first full-term parliament since his downfall.

Après avoir écouté plusieurs témoins décrire les tortures endurées lors de la répression menée par le régime irakien contre le village chiite de Doujaïl en 1982, l'ex-dictateur a affirmé avoir été lui-même torturé par les Américains • Faux, rétorque Washington
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loulou picasso ,21 décembre 2005

A U.S. soldier patrols alongside a tank on a street after a roadside bomb blast in central Baghdad December 20, 2005.

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